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Top Ten Skills List

Are you wondering how to tackle the skills section of your Camp America dossier? Well, we have compiled a list of the Top Ten Skills for which camp directors are looking. No, it’s not exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of some of the most in demand skills.
Don’t have any of the skills listed here? That’s okay! There are many other skills that are necessary to running the Camp America camps!. Take a look at your Camp America Application site for more details.

1. Religious and Faith-based Camps

Christian and Jewish camps in the United States are looking for committed and faithful leaders to do a range of activities at their camps. Do you have experience with bible study classes? Have you ever lead Sunday School? Camp directors are looking for applicants who range from moderately-observant to highly observant. Campower staff need not have a religious background, but must be tolerant of the beliefs.

2. Pioneering

Pioneering is a hugely popular activity at camp mainly due to the fact all camps are outdoors and rely on the core skills (leadership, teamwork, communication skills, confidence) that pioneering develops within individuals. Experience in one of the following groups is an asset:

* Girl Guides
* Duke of Edinburgh Award
* Combined Cadet Forces
* Woodcraft Folk
* Scouts
* Outward Bound

3. Archery

Are you an archer? Do you perform at club level or in competitions? What sort of bows do you have experience with, and do you have experience teaching a group? With safety being the most important factor a camp will consider, what certification do you have?

4. Canoeing/Canoe Tripping/ Kayaking

Do you have experience in Canoeing and/or Kayaking? Have you mastered the basic techniques? Do you have any qualifications to teach either activity? Some camps put on programs where children go on overnight canoe trips. Suitable applicants should have experience in going on trips themselves on various rivers and knowing exactly what they should take with them to be prepared and what skills the chidren should have before taking the group on a trip.

5. Climbing

Are you an avid climber with experience in facilitating groups on indoor or outdoor climbing walls and/or towers? Camp directors are looking for applicants who are familiar with safety checks and equipment including harnesses; chokes; descenders and carabineers. Qualifications that you may have include:
* Climbing Wall Award
* Single Pitch Award
* Certifications:

o UK: Mountain Leader Training UK, British Mountain Climbing Council
o Poland: Polish Climbing Association

6. Computer/web development

Those with programming and web development experience are currently in high demand. Please indicate to what level you are trained in computer programming, and whether you have any experience teaching the basics.

7. Fencing

What level of competition have you reached? Do you have club experience and certification? Again, Camp directors are looking for a knowledge of safety.

8. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a very popular activity at camp and also one that involves a strong awareness for safety. It is a very specific sport and coaching it the ‘wrong way’ could potentially lead to serious injuriies. For this reason, it is important to be specific about the types of experience that you have. What codes have you coached? What levels? Certifications include:

* UK: British Gymnastics
* South Africa: South Africa Gymnastics Federation
* Australia: Gymnastics Australia
* USA: USA Gymnastics
* Poland: Polish Gymnastics Association

9. Arts/Crafts

There are a variety of arts and craft based programs that many camps run. Experience teaching and doing the following activities are highly sought after:

* silk-screen
* scultpure
* ceramics

10. Watersports
Water activities are an integral part of most camping experiences. Qualifications and experience teaching in the following areas are in high demand:

* water-skiing
* wakeboarding
* scuba-diving
* lifeguarding
* motorboat driving
* sailing

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