Grâce à notre ‘day camp‘ vos enfants de 12 à 16 ans pourront profiter d’un bain linguistique et d’activités ludiques qui se déroulent en anglais sans quitter Montpellier. Chaque jour le thème du jour leur permet de découvrir une cible linguistique et du vocabulaire spécifique.  Vos enfants peuvent apprendre l’anglais pendant l’été au French American Center.

Pendant la semaine 5-9 Juillet, les ados français ont écrit des articles lesquels décrivent tous les activités.  Voici, les articles des Lundi et Mardi!


When we arrived, at 10 o’clock Jeanette explained the rules to us. Jane gave us each a role for example: group director, press photographer. We then sang ‘Happy Days’, our song for the week. We worked on the subject of food. First we watched a video about curry, then we had cooking competition. We cooked an omelette. In the afternoon, we created a song and mimed the cooking verbs.

By Lola and Julie.


On Tuesday, we went bowling, let us tell you the story about it… Bowling at the French American Center!

First, we took the tram to go to Odysseum. When we arrived, we looked for Aurélie and after we took the direction of Odysseum’s bowling center. Inside there was air conditioning so it wasn’t hot! To play bowling, we had to wear a extravagant shoes like clowns’ shoes! Then, we made two teams, in the first team there was Hannah, Laura, Clara, Lola, Julie, Lucy, Mathilde and Victoire and in the second team there was Adeline, Audrey, Aurélie, Hugo, Paul, Vince, Antoine and Frankie. Before beginning, we had to make a prediction of our score like “I’m going to get a strike!!”. The second team won. It was great fun, we liked it a lot! At the end we left to go to the French American Center.

By Victoire and Mathilde.

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