Pour quelques semaines, on va vous donner d’information des professeurs au French American Center à Montpellier. Voici, c’est un petit sondage au sujet de la vie Daryl.

Daryl le Magnifique

Daryl le Magnifique

Comment t’appelles tu?/ What is your name?
Daryl John MESA

D’où viens-tu?/ Where are you from?
Boston, MA, United States

Combien de temps est-ce que tu restes à Montpellier?/ For how long have you been in Montpellier?
Since February 27, 2007

Quel autre langue est-ce que tu parles?/ What other languages do you speak?
I just speak bad French and bad English.

Pourquoi es-ce que tu est un prof d’anglais?/ Why are you an english teacher?
Let’s face it, I like to talk. I am also very interested in cultural differences especially associated with language.
I also speak the English really good!

Qu-est ce que tu ferais si tu gagnes $1 million?/ What would you do if you won $1 Million Dollars?
Stuff it/them under my mattress!

Si Steven Spielberg ferait un film du ta vie, le film s’appellerait comment?If Steven Spielberg was making a movie about your life, what would it be called?
Well, I could cop out for “D.A.R.Y.L.” which has already been done…but with Spielberg, he’ll just make a crappy over-done sequel. So maybe it would be called…

“Hi my name is Steven Spielberg and if you want to see a film with high paid actors over acting and butchering the Boston accent with a bad to worse plot too much explosions run on sentence with no punctuation then come see this film or better yet just watch the trailer and know everything there is to know and spend your money on something else more worth while like shoe laces, part II”

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