La soirée Thanksgiving au French American Center du Jeudi 22 Novembre 2012 à 19h a vraiment été géniale. De nombreux adhérents étaient au rendez-vous pour discuter en anglais autour du thème de Thanksgiving et pour déguster tous les bons plats délicieux préparés, dans le respect de la tradition américaine, par les adhérentes, les adhérents,  et les professeurs d’anglais.

Bravo à vous tous ! Cela a été un moment de bonheur …. Thanks. A très vite, pour la Christmas Party!

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  1. I had a great night at the Thanksgiving party! Thanks to all who came and made it a great night!

  2. Last Thursday night, for thanksgiving, the party was really funny. I tried to speak in English with someone I met; I succeeded just a little but it’s better than nothing. I think I’ve made some progress but all long is the way to communicate easily!!!!!!
    The dinner was amazing!
    Congratulations and a lot of thanks for cooks, for organizers, for teachers and everyone.

  3. A HUGE THANKS to all of you wonderful people that came and made my fourth ever Thanksgiving the best one yet… by far! 🙂

    Obviously, I was as stuffed as the turkey by the end of the night with all of the delicious home-made food! So MANY MANY thanks to the master chefs! (You know who you are!)

    P.S. Many of my students have requested the recipe for your truly delicious cranberry sauce Angélique…so if you post the recipe on this blog you will make a lot of people very happy!

  4. We (my kids and me) spent a very pleasant moment meeting very interesting people, eating a delicious homemade food, practicing english and laughing a lot…

    Our first Thanksgiving was a success !

    Congratulations to all the persons who worked to make it possible and thank you to the one who shared this moment.

    We are expecting the next event to be present !

  5. Thanks for sharing, Myriam! It was a pleasure to meet your children. We look forward to seeing you all again for the Christmas party!

  6. Especially Thankful this year…for my very first and best American Thanksgiving! Just had a DELICIOUS time! The FAC knows how to celebrate festivities! Looking forward to the Christmas party !

  7. Thank you for the cooking it was so gooood!
    The party was so funny and friendly!
    I loved it!
    Let’s s create more events like that, to be closed each others!

  8. It was my first Thanksgiving party in France ! Obviously the best ! Congratulations to all the persons who cooked and organized ! The home made food was so delicious !

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