When travelling to North America, there are important cultural differences to be aware of. In this series, we will be giving you some travelling advice. First: how to leave a TIP.

‘Tips’ are a small monetary present for service industry workers. ‘Tips’ are an important part of paying for the services you receive, so it is important to remember to do so! Whether it is in a restaurant, a hotel or a hair salon, tipping is necessary because for many servers, hotel staff and stylists the ‘tips’ are a significant part of their wages. Here is some useful guidance on how to tip properly!

Step 1: Tipping is not mandatory, but it is always recommended. Generally it is appropriate to leave 15-20% of your bill as a tip. For poor quality service, you can leave 10% (or none at all, if you feel particularly strongly about the poor service!)

Step 2:
Tip above the norm for two reasons: if service is exceptional, and if you plan on returning to the hotel or restaurant in the future. Big tippers are rarely forgotten by the staff.

Step 3: Tip discreetly. There’s an art to passing money: Fold the bill three times, cup it in your palm with your thumb, and hand it to the staff member with a casual handshake while saying, “Thank you.” Or, in a restaurant, leave it on the table after you have paid your bill.

Step 4: Tip big when first checking into a hotel to assure better service throughout your stay. Remember to tip the housekeepers by leaving some money on the bedside table or bed.

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