Are you aware that 35% of women worldwide will experience a violent attack sexual or otherwise, in their lifetime (source WHO). Up to 50% of sexual assaults are committed against girls under 16. Over 100 million girls and women in the world today have experience genital mutilation. These are only some of the facts. Rape, murder, femicide, and human traficking are all realities in today’s world.

V Day Events

Do you want to make a stand to say no to violence against women and girls? Here at The French American Center we want justice for women and girls! This is why we support One Billion Rising! If you want to show your support here’s how you can get involved:

1/ Participate in our Rise for Justice Event on 14th February at the French American Center – Concert et apéro à 18h30

2/ Share this video.

3/ Visit this web site link

4/ Get involved with other events in Montpellier – visit this page.

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